Host Supply Co started from humble beginnings and like most companies, started out of necessity. First and foremost, we are hosts. Second, we are entrepreneurs, similar to all of you in deciding to open your doors to the world. We built this company and sourced these products with you in mind. Our goal through all of this was to give our guests the same experience and products they’d receive in a luxury hotel and share these products with our fellow hosts.

In 2015, my brother and I purchased our first home with the intention of turning it into an Airbnb. A beautiful 100-year-old heritage home on the east coast just steps to the Atlantic Ocean. The home is one of those places you drive past in a small town that captivates your attention. Architecture from a forgotten past with towering peaks and inquisitive windows that spark curiosity of secret rooms and hidden stairwells. We fell in love with the house and all its charm.

As we meticulously prepared the house for our first guests there was a certain excitement, a certain anxiousness and a certain unknown of what lies ahead. Would the guests love it? Would they treat it with respect? Would they feel at home? Would they have everything they need? Would they leave pleased with their stay? Our first guests were a family that needed a much-deserved getaway to decompress from the hustle and bustle of city life. They fell in love with the house just like we did and have returned every year since making it an annual family trip. Since that first reservation they have become close friends and consider the house part of their own. We will never forget that first reservation excitement as hosts and to this day love the anticipation of each new guest.

Since those first guests years ago my brother and I have grown and opened the doors of a few more houses to guests from all over the world. At best guess we estimate we have hosted over two thousand guests. We’ve seen it all. The good, the bad and the ones that just make you shake your head. We’ve built friendships with guests that will last a lifetime and some guests we’d rather just forget. We’ve had to pivot strategies along the way and change what wasn’t working. We have a team of people we work with to make sure the doors stay open and they guests leave happy. Through all of this we’ve learned some incredible lessons about guest expectations, and this is how Host Supply Co was started.

Our guests wanted the comforts of home without having to worry about bringing them. We’ve hosted everyone from CEOs on business trips to professional athletes to families on vacation to solo travelers and everyone in between. All of them needed the basic toiletries you would find in their own bathroom or in a hotel. We started off by finding local companies to stock the toiletries in hopes to support local businesses but also to give guests a unique experience. We found that although this was a great idea, the sellers didn’t always have enough product or couldn’t get what we needed to us in time. Another option was to raid the closest drug store shelves of all their travel sized toiletries but again we found ourselves providing a mismatched collection of supplies that didn’t quite have the feel we wanted. Finally, we resorted to buying bulk online, but the products just didn’t leave the right impression with look or quality. So, we made them exactly how we wanted them!

Every product in the Host Supply Co product line is something we would place in our own listings. The goal was to create a product line that we would use ourselves while maintaining a professional look and feel. We wanted our guests to know that anytime they see Host Supply Co products in a listing they are getting premium quality. Consistency is key.

We love the concept of Airbnb and hope the products we sell will make your listing that much more appealing to potential guests. By placing these products in your listing, we hope guests book your place over your competition and your calendar fills up. It’s the little finishing touches that make the guest experience one to remember. We hope that these products do just that.

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From one host to another,

Happy Hosting!